Why not get away from it all and go to the Bieszczady Mountains?

1That is definitely not what motivated Łukasz Pałczyński when he was organising his second special installation in a historic Orthodox church in the Bieszczady region. Could art, architecture and new technologies be easily combined? And why is the whole event held in the Bieszczady Mountains?

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(Un)typical Polish National Soldering Championship


It is definitely not creativity that modern society lacks. Wherever we go we may come across something really surprising. The same goes for all sorts of competitions and contests. It comes as no shock to anyone that we can compete not only in the field of sports. But the Polish National Hand Soldering Championship comes as a surprise! Fortunately, there are students at the Warsaw University of Technology raring to take up such bizarre challenges.

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Mistrz na lotniHe is the champion of Poland, Europe and the World whilst being a student of the Warsaw University of Technology . He is studying Mechanical Engineering at the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Mechanics and Petrochemistry at WUT’s Branch in Plock. We spoke to Wojtek Bógdał who became a paraglider about his interesting but dangerous hobby, if studying engineering helps him to be a better sportsman and about his plans for the future.

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