From WUT to an international carrier

He was a transferred student at WUT. After his last automotive invention with Ferrari, he came back this time in the space industry. Now he works on projects with The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics. Meet Adriano Yassin.


Project SANTOS-81, source: Adriano Yassin

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Kings of the US airspace on the way to their next mission

They are the most decorated team in the history of the SAE Aero Design competition. They have won so many awards that they cannot tell the number themselves. Meet students of the Warsaw University of Technology who know aircraft design and construction in and out.


Last year at the Florida competition, source: SAE AeroDesign Warszawa

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#WUTpeople “We were thinking hard what to buy first: a cash register or a currency-counting machine?”

It would be easier to list the things he has not done than those he has tried his hand at. He is the man behind the “Before I Die” event which took place in 2015 at the Warsaw University of Technology. He is the author of a popular apparel brand DZIK DZIKI, and he has recently launched the brand of Ewa Niespodziana, Poland’s Next Top Model Cycle 6 contestant. Konrad Pawlak, a 23-year-old graduate from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, the Warsaw University of Technology, tells us what inspires him and what gets him going.


The DZIK DZIKI brand targeting animal and pet lovers, source: DZIK DZIKI

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#WUTpeople “If you’re on K2 in winter, it’s got to be tough”

His daily work is optoelectronics research at WUT Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology and teaching students. His escape from the routine is mountaineering. At the end of December, he is joining a team of Polish climbers heading up to Karakorum to make history with the first-ever winter ascent of the “Savage Mountain”, K2. PhD Marcin Kaczkan tells us how preparations are made for such a trip, what happens to a human body at eight thousand meters above the sea level and what it feels like after you have reached the top and why it is everything but not satisfaction.


Marcin Kaczkan is one of the participants of the Polish winter expedition to K2, photo: Piotr Morawski

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