3 quick questions to… Harikrishnan

Have you ever thought how it would be like to study in Poland? In our new blog series, we ask some of our foreign students 3 quick questions to see what they appreciate in their stay in Poland and what kind of tips they could give someone who just came here.


Photo: Harikrishnan FB

26-year-old Harikrishnan came to Poland from Chennai, a beautiful city from South India. He is a student of the Production Faculty at Narbutta. He came to Poland at the end of September 2016. Harikrishnan’s study program lasts 2 years and he expects to complete it by the end of 2019.

Why did you come to Poland?

My purpose of coming to Poland was to get my master’s degree and also to learn more about the European culture. Over the few months, I have started to like Warsaw. There is a lot going on here: so many social events, Erasmus life and so on. The living expenses in Poland was one of the vital factors which made me opt for Poland.

What is your best memory from our country?

The trip to Wrocław and Prague with the Erasmus Students Network from the Warsaw University of Technology. I met a lot of friends from other countries, some of them became my very close friends and we catch up for tea and food often. The Erasmus life is spectacular here because I would have never expected to meet so many international students and this gave me a chance to learn about each of their cultures.

Based on your experience can you give some tips for new foreign students?

  • When you arrive here, forget the luxury you have at home and start making local friends, it is an easy way to learn a few basic words and get to know the culture and lifestyle here.
  • On the first week, try to visit your faculty and understand what you will need to do and how your study program would look like.
  • The public transport connectivity is very good. Don’t worry about traveling.
  • Show your friends how your culture looks like: music, food, clothes, etc. This would help them to know you better.
  • Stop worrying about when you will go home next. You have a lot of places to visit and quench the thirst for some adventure.
  • On the first few days after you arrive, try to go and see places using the public transport. Mobile applications such as Jakdojade are very useful.
  • Don’t worry about how much luggage or clothes you need to carry. You can always buy these stuff here.
  • If you like running, don’t forget to go for a run in Łazienki and Pole Mokotowskie parks.
  • If you enjoy partying, Warsaw has a huge choice of bars and nightclubs to spend memorable evenings.
  • Dormitory life is great and budget-friendly. Don’t worry if you opt for this.

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