If there is a will, there is a way

Here is the story of our student, who proves that if there is a will, there is a way. Read about the success which will very shortly reach the biggest names in a car industry such as Ferrari. 

Meet Adriano Yassin from Egypt. He started studying at WUT in October 2015 at the Faculty of Power & Aerospace Engineering as a transferred student. This semester he got the chance to do an internship in the R&D Department of the biggest Automotive light manufacturer in Changzhou, China.

A sample where the lamp matches (Ferrari):

– We were dealing with customers like BMW, Audi, Toyota & VW in addition to domestic Chinese cars – says A. Yassin. – I am fascinated by Aviation technology, additionally, I always believe in creativity and adding an artistic touch to the technology in order to combine functionality and good shape. This is how my sports car rear light was inspired. It was very challenging to build a structure and find materials that could fit into my design but I managed with the team I was leading to troubleshoot the issues. The rear automotive light looks a bit like the jet engine turbine in its circular module. In the middle, it contains OLED technology screen in the shape of a lotus and that’s where the project gets its name.

Project Lotus – Sports Rear Lamp

The lamp functions are position light, stop light and turning signal light (static and dynamic).

The project was nominated for winning the 6th China Automotive Design Competition 2017. Currently, the rear light is in the sample manufacturing phase and being shown to customers like Ferrari and Nissan in addition to other sport automotive manufacturers where the lamp category falls into.


Adriano Yassin
R&D Engineer



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