Why not get away from it all and go to the Bieszczady Mountains?

1That is definitely not what motivated Łukasz Pałczyński when he was organising his second special installation in a historic Orthodox church in the Bieszczady region. Could art, architecture and new technologies be easily combined? And why is the whole event held in the Bieszczady Mountains?

Łukasz Pałczyński is a third-year student at the Faculty of Architecture of the Warsaw University of Technology. He is fascinated by graphic arts, drawing and watercolour. Quite a few people have been lost for words when contemplating his works. He decided to make the most of his inspirations and that is how the concept of the exhibition #bieszczady was developed.

Modernity meets tradition

The first exhibition of student architectural designs took place in the old church of Our Lady in Baligród during the holiday period of 2015. The idea to organise this installation was put forward during design classes held in the third semester. “That was when I got under the tutelage of Prof. Piotr Trębacz and it was him who suggested the Bieszczady localisation”, says Łukasz. “We created our designs there thanks to the kindness of Mr. Tomasz Sybidło, the owner of the allotments”.
The presented works were designs of purpose-built structures not only catering for the needs of people living in the Bieszczady region, but also inspired by nature and tradition. Łukasz and his friends were faced with quite a challenge: to prepare the installation in a way preventing it from stealing the show, but also from ruining visitors’ reception of the church interior. A net looking like another transparent vault solved the problem. “It was obvious to me that it had to be something unusual and that our works should levitate as we were privileged to create them in the church which in itself is a stunning exhibit”, he adds.

#bieszczady, fot. Agata Dankowska

#bieszczady, fot. Agata Dankowska

The edition of new technologies

This year’s exhibition, whose form is completely different, is prepared by Łukasz and his friends. “I met Adrian Krężlik and Kacper Radziszewski who operate under the name of Architektura Parametryczna [parametric architecture]. Last year I organised a lecture for them at the Faculty”, our student says. “We started talking, exchanging ideas and as a result we are just about to start our first but not last activity”.
So, what will this innovative idea consist in? The installation is to be the first 3D printing-based crowfunding venture, where everyone can become its creator. Possessing a 3D printer and printing out a set element is enough to be a co-author of the work. The preview of the exhibition is planned for 2 May 2016 and the exhibition itself will be open all year round.

The poster of the second edition of the exhibition

The poster of the second edition of the exhibition

Why the Bieszczady Mountains?

Łukasz emphasises that the region is magical and still remains to be fully discovered. That is where elements of culture and tradition are tangible and intermingled. Such initiatives, especially those introducing modernity and progress, give a new lease of life to historic architecture. Moreover, who would not be bewitched by the boundless mountain pastures? After all, being exactly there is what each student dreams about a few times a year. 🙂

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For more information about Łukasz and his passions go to his webpage and about the event – “Young art in an old Orthodox church”.


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