How a Paper Bridge was Figured Out or the Glue Tycoons’ Adventure

1Students are creative and clever creatures after all! They have no equals when it comes to looking up untypical competitions. When competing, they go to great lengths to achieve what is unachievable. 

The Glue Tycoons team was no exception. It was composed of students from the Faculty of Civil Engineering at the Warsaw University of Technology who took part in the design competition wyKOMBinuj MOst 2016 and won it! That is WUT students’ fourth victory in a row.

There is strength in paper…

The Glue Tycoons, just like remaining 38 teams from all over Poland, were faced with the task to work out a meter-long bridge span whose mass would be as small as possible and strength – as big as possible. The students had only 7 hours to complete a model using only 8 sheets of Bristol board (100cm x 70cm each) and 2 bottles of glue (1000ml in total). When dry, the paper bridges underwent a great stress test which was the last stage. The prize was to go to the structure able to bear up the heaviest load while being relatively the lightest.

A viaduct heralding success

The model of a viaduct span prepared by the Glue Tycoons team bore up 315kg (load-bearing capacity of 315N) during its stress test. That was a spectacular result which allowed the Glue Tycoons to leave the other competitors well behind. Well, save just one, but let’s leave it for later. The winning bridge itself weighed just under 1.2kg. That was a truly excellent achievement.

The Warsaw University of Technology is strong

The Paper Barons were the other team from our University of Technology participating in the competition. As the runners-up they were breathing down the winners’ necks. Their bridge structure weighed just over 1.2kg and its load-bearing capacity during a stress test was 258kg. That was the second best result of the test. The remaining teams were unable to get a result exceeding 100kg. It goes without saying that the Warsaw University of Technology is the cradle of excellent designers!

Who are the Glue Tycoons?

The team includes Wioleta Krześlak, Bartosz Olkowski and Krzysztof Nowak – students of the Bridges and Underground Structures speciality at the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Warsaw University of Technology. They belong to the Student Bridge Research Club headed by Krzysztof. But what do our Glue Tycoons do every day? Wioleta is a fifth-year student and apart from being active in the research club she keeps on developing professionally. At the moment, she provides support to designers of the second line of the Warsaw Underground. And after hours she loves horse riding, walking and board games. Bartosz is a second-year student at the Faculty of Architecture, Warsaw University of Technology. He loves visiting European capitals on foot. Heads over heels in love with London. He also loves cooking and skiing. Krzysztof is the winner of the case study competitions “The Warsaw of Tomorrow” and “Green Building”. He has also participated in the Bridge Building Game competition organised by the Cracow University of Technology, and in four EBEC Engineering Competitions where he got to the WUT local finals on two occasions. In his leisure he does team sports and solves puzzles.
Who knows what surprise the Glue Tycoons might have in store for us. For the time being we wish them luck and may they build the best real-life bridges.

Pcitures belong to Karina Steindl and Krzysztof Nowak.



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