P&G, Google, NASA? You only gotta know what you want from Life!

Kamila Staryga, a graduate of the Warsaw University of Technology proves that determination, interesting ideas and strong drive to having your wishes come true are enough to lead you to a success ie. getting a job in a transnational corporation, realization of interesting projects and cooperation with the most successful young scientists from around the World.


Did student no. 4198 from the Faculty of Management expect that a few years after her dissertation “Project of cost reduction in KIBSGAARD company” will have such names on her CV as : Procter & Gamble, Google, czy Singularity University?

I guess not…Surely she was certain of her skills, ambition and strive – We only live once. What is true about all of us is the fact that we all have 24 hours per day and how we will use this time depends entirely on us. We live in an amazing time having access to information, capital and possibilities of creating things – says Kamila Staryga WUT’s graduate from the faculty of Management.

Dreams operating manual

Kamila started her career in the Polish department of P&G. Currently she is working on a project in one of the biggest companies in the World – Google (Recruitment & Selection Hiring Process lasted 4months!). Kamila honestly admits that it was never her aim to work for a corporation – My dream was and still is to do things which are interesting and important. For me the main aspects of my current job are curiosity, imagination and making your dreams come true- she adds. Kamila underlines that such attitude requires special “ Methodology”. – Important thing about having dreams is each day making sure that you take a small step towards making them come true. To find out more on what options are available I recommend reading the “Abundance” by Peter Diamandis.
In Google Kamila started as a product manager in a team which worked on the Chrome browser, then she worked on Google+ to finally end up in „Google for Entrepreneurs” project.
As part of the latter project, Kamila was a member of a team who created the Google Campus in East London. The mission of Campus is to create an environment that encourages innovation through collaboration, mentorship, and networking. With speedy wifi, a café, frequent networking and speaking events, and coworking space, Campus is seven floors dedicated to startup success. Currently, there is another Google Campus in Tel Aviv. The company announced that there will be four more campuses around the World. One of them is supposed to be built in Warsaw.
At the moment, Kamila is in a team working on Google Helpouts. With Helpouts you can get help anytime from people with expertise across a range of topics – teachers, counselors, doctors, home repair specialists, personal trainers, hobby enthusiasts, and more. You can choose who to get help from based on qualifications, availability, ratings and reviews. Also, you can choose to get help right away or schedule a Helpout for later. (source: https://helpouts.google.com)

Singularity University

When people such as Ray Kurzweil and Peter Diamandis work on a mutual project which is supported by renown brands as NASA, Google, Cisco or Nokia you can be sure that “something is happening here”. One of the most important programmes offered at the Singularity University is the „Graduate Studies Program”. The Graduate Studies Program (GSP) is held every summer at the NASA Research Park in Silicon Valley, California. It is a 10-week immersive learning program accepts 80 participants who either apply directly to SU, or who compete in and win Global Impact Competitions (GIC).(source: http://singularityu.org/graduate-studies-program/).

Famous authorities, leaders, the most talented students and professionals gathered together in one place working on the solutions to the biggest challenges of the modern world. Kamila “studied” at the Singularity University in 2014. – It is not a higher education institution as such. There is no structure, particular faculties or Rector. It is an institution where carefully selected students hear interdisciplinary lectures for ten weeks in the Summer. The lectures have one thing in common – they are about technologies. The students come up with technological solutions which are to improve lives of billions of people in fields such as: healthcare, food, education, environment, security etc. – Kamila explains. Every year at the Singularity University there are 80 “students” selected among 1000 candidates.


Kamila got a place at Singularity University the second time she attempted. The second time she applied she had a better idea of what she wanted to achieve during the 10 week course – In my application I put more emphasis on the Pampers-UNICEF project, on which I was working at P&G in Warsaw and I also mentioned Campus London, in which I was involved whilst working for Google in London – Kamila says. – Thanks to Pampers and Polish mums 10 millions of vaccinations were funded. UNICEF delivered them to pregnant women at risk of contracting tetanus. Our common effort resulted in the fact that tetanus is no longer a threat to mums and their babies in Ethiopia.
Campus London on the other hand was a first ever place in the World created in order to help young entrepreneurs – she adds.

The details of BESENSE project in which Kamila and her team worked on as part of the Singularity University are a secret. On their website (http://besense.co/#about ) they only say: We are passionate about creating smart and simple to use solutions that empower women with actionable insights about their health.

Kamila Staryga’s example shows that Polish people and graduates of WUT can actively participate in creating the future of the World. In one of her TV interviews she admitted that moments of doubt come every three minutes but the most important is to never give up, keep trying and keep expanding your knowledge – Not only willingness to work is crucial but also the pleasure you get from building things and constantly acquiring new knowledge – Kamila adds.


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