A story of an International student at Warsaw University of Technology

Yesterday in the corridors of the Main Building of the Warsaw University of Technology I came across a very happy face of a person who happened to be the new face representing WUT in Poland.

Ramprasad Sethuraman is our candidate for the INTERSTUDENT 2014 award.
It is nothing new for him as in the past he often represented Sastra University in India, Tamilnadu at conferences and in competitions both on the national and international level ie.in India, Malaysia, UK when he was doing his B.Tech in Engineering and Biotechnology.

Interstudent Ramprasad Sethuraman

He told me that when he heard of this competition he really wanted to be part of it and asked his tutor Prof. Katarzyna Pawlak from the Faculty of Chemistry to nominate him. The reason for that is not because he wants to be famous (he is a very modest man). He simply enjoys studying at WUT and feels proud of being part of our student community.
The reason why he came to Warsaw is because he heard of WUT’s good reputation and that it offers masters course in Applied Biotechnology (M.Sc.).
This course became available a year ago at the Faculty of Chemistry. Ramprasad remembers really well how he was worried about coming to Poland in Winter when it is still snowing quite a lot and temperatures differ drastically from the climate at home. He did a bit of a research about Polish climate and the people before leaving India.
He told me that from day one since he arrived in Warsaw last February there was not a day when he would feel disappointed in either. All seasons showed the best they had on offer and so did the people.

“I realized that they are one of the most friendly people I came across in my life” says Ramprasad.
The classmates and academic staff on his course are constantly very supportive and helpful. They all speak English very well but nevertheless, he decided to take up Polish language. He was never faced with a big issue to solve at the University and therefore visited WUT’s International Students Office only few times. To shake hands with the staff and share a few smiles.

Ramprasad came to Warsaw on his own, lived in a dormitory for a bit but then decided that he is too much of an individualist (being the only child in the family) so he moved to a private flat which he rents by himself. He says his life in Warsaw is peaceful and he is hoping it will remain this way until December.
His master’s officially ends in September this year but he might in the meantime get an opportunity to do an internship in one of the companies based in Poland. This would extend his stay till the end of this year. But who knows what the future will bring. Ramprasad mentioned he could stay at WUT to do his PhD. Otherwise, his planning to get a job in a pharmaceutical company anywhere in the world.

“I love travelling and am so happy that during my studies I had an opportunity to visit so many beautiful places around Europe. Poland is such an interesting country. I am so glad I chose to study at Warsaw University of Technology. This experience will stay with me forever. I am trying to make the most of my time here!”.
This sounds like a very good recipe for success.


In Poland there are 40 thousand international students. The three best ones each year are awarded prizes in the INTERSTUDENT competition – in the BA, MA and PhD studies categories. But in this year’s edition every other student and staff member can support their chosen candidate – all you need to do is to click on their pictures on this website.

The winner will receive the Contest Special Prize.
We hope you will support Ramprasad Sethuraman with your vote. The voting will last until midnight 15 January and the results will be announced on 22 January at the Gala in Lublin, during the “Foreign Students in Poland 2015” conference.


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