SKAP 2nd at ShellEco Marathon 2014

The team from the Student Research Group of Vehicle Aerodynamics SKAP took the second place in the category of gasoline Urban Concept!

SKAP and their vehicle called PAKS obtained an outstanding result of 376,46 km on one litre of fuel beating their own record of last year. The team from Lycee Louis Delage won with their vehicle covering 468,85 km.

This year’s 30th edition of the competition once again was held in Rotterdam on 15-18 May. Over 3000 students from 24 countries, in 224 teams competed in two categories – a futuristic one, Prototype, and a conventional one, Urban Concept. In accordance with the competition regulations, over a few days, the teams tried to cover as long a distance as possible on the equivalent of one litre of fuel. The vehicles made a constant number of laps at a given speed; the organisers calculated the power efficiency of each vehicle and granted the first place in each category and for each source of energy.


PAKS was designed as a vehicle which could be used in individual means of transport in the future. The project was realised from scratch, though the designers took into account the experience gained when designing and building its predecessor, the vehicle Mikrus. When designing PAKS, they aimed at ergonomic solutions which are environmentally friendly.


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