Success of WUT Students at SAE Aero Design East

Aeroplanes designed by the members of the WUT AERODESIGN Student Research Group at the Faculty of Power and Aernautical Engineering won three medals in three categories of this prestigious competition.

SAE Aero Design East took place between April 11-13, 2014 in Marietta, Georgia, USA.

It features three classes of competition: Regular, Advanced, and Micro.

Our team won in the Regular Class, which continues to be the class with the purpose to develop the fundamental understanding of flight.

In the Micro Class AERODESIGN Student Research Group plane was second. In this class teams are required to make trades between two potentially conflicting requirements, carrying the highest payload fraction possible, while simultaneously pursuing the lowest empty weight possible.

And in the Advanced Class WUT team’s plane was third. In this category,  teams are required to have a systems approach to the design while integrating several engineering disciplines: aeronautical, mechanical, electrical, and computer engineers. The ultimate end goal for this class is autonomous flight with a “”purpose”” decided every year by rules committee members.





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