Shell-Eco marathon 2014

In May we’ll keep our fingers crossed for 4 WUT teams which will participate in this Competition!

Green Arrow  is a project of the Research Group at the Faculty of Mechanics and Machine Design. It is an electrical city vehicle. It is an innovative project with

Hussar –  one might call it a veteran of Shell Eco Marathon – this vehicle designed by another team from the Faculty of Mechanics and Machine Design has been participating in this competition since 2010. This year’s prototype run on gasoline is able to cover a distance of 600 kilometers.

PAKS the vehicle of the Student Research Group of Vehicle Aerodynamics SKAP  won in the category Urban Concept of Shell Eco Marathon in 2013. This year PAKS will present a modified version of SKAP with a hybrid power transmission  system. Kropelka 2014 is a vehicle which runs on ethanol  fuel.

This year Shell Eco-marathon Europe 2014 will take place from 15-18 May in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Shell Eco-marathon is a  unique competition that brings together around 200 teams and 3,000 students from across Europe to battle for ultra energy efficiency on the road. The event also features the Shell Energy Lab, packed with attractions around innovation and the future of energy.

Remember: May 15 – 18, 2014 Rotterdam!!!!



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