Here’s a story about him.

Ice Warrior -brave and stubborn enough to conquer the world, by conquering its highest mountains.

8848 – one of his aims

Mount Everest, Chomolungma, Sagarmāth

Summited by him in 1980.

In winter, for the first time in world’s history .

Seven Summits of the seven continents –completed by him.

Ice Warrior – what is his real name?

*Leszek Cichy  (born in 1951 in Poland) Polish mountaineer, geodesist,  research worker at WUT, financier and entrepreneur. Laureate of the 2013 WUT Award for Graduates with Outstanding Contributions.


“Ice Warriors” is the name applied in 1980’s to hard-core Polish Mountaineers (Leszek Cichy, Krzysztof Wielicki, Jerzy Kukuczka, Artur Hajzer, Wanda Rutkiewicz, Ryszard Gajewski, Maciej Pawłowski, Wojciech Kurtyka, and Maciej Berbeka) famous for winter high altitude climbing and seven first-winter ascents of the 8000ers between 1980-1989.




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