3 quick questions to… Harikrishnan

Have you ever thought how it would be like to study in Poland? In our new blog series, we ask some of our foreign students 3 quick questions to see what they appreciate in their stay in Poland and what kind of tips they could give someone who just came here.


Photo: Harikrishnan FB

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#WUTpeople “I showed my mother things that are worth watching. Now she prefers YouTube to TV”

Paweł Dębowski, a YouTuber and creator of P42, a popular book channel, and a technical physics student at the Faculty of Physics at WUT. He tells us about his passion for books, his beginnings on YT and how to stand out from millions of others.


A frame from Paweł’s video, photo: P42 FB

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#WUTpeople “If you’re on K2 in winter, it’s got to be tough”

His daily work is optoelectronics research at WUT Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology and teaching students. His escape from the routine is mountaineering. At the end of December, he is joining a team of Polish climbers heading up to Karakorum to make history with the first-ever winter ascent of the “Savage Mountain”, K2. PhD Marcin Kaczkan tells us how preparations are made for such a trip, what happens to a human body at eight thousand meters above the sea level and what it feels like after you have reached the top and why it is everything but not satisfaction.


Marcin Kaczkan is one of the participants of the Polish winter expedition to K2, photo: Piotr Morawski

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#WUTpeople The Hitchhiker’s Guide to China

He is a student at the Faculty of Administration and Social Sciences, Warsaw University of Technology, she is also a technical university student, but based in Lodz. Janusz Ozdowski and Joanna Ściebura got to know each other on Facebook and set off on a hitchhiking trip to China. This was not only an amazing experience but a fundraising event too, earning them almost PLN 3,000 for the clients of Fundacja Spełnionych Marzeń / Dream Come True Foundation, a charity.


Photo FB Janusze Podróży

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Necessity is the mother of invention, or a kebab vending machine

Student eating habits are legendary. The rules are simple: it must be fast, cheap, uncomplicated and tasty if possible. Students themselves decided to address the needs of their peers and designed a kebab vending machine which was put at the Faculty of Automotive and Construction Machine Engineering (SiMR), WUT.


Authors of this idea (from left): Przemysław Zorychta, Tomasz Sowa i Szymon Skrzypiec

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#WUTpeople Seeing a smile on children’s faces we know we do meaningful work

A volunteer of the Harambee Poland Foundation and a student of the Warsaw University of Technology, Stefan Pytel, and his family have been helping people in Africa for over two years. In 2017, he spent little less than a month in Kenya, renovating buildings among other things.


Europeans are an attraction for most of the Kenyans, especially for children, for whom it is often the first time they see a white man, photo: Stefan Pytel’s private album

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