Necessity is the mother of invention, or a kebab vending machine

Student eating habits are legendary. The rules are simple: it must be fast, cheap, uncomplicated and tasty if possible. Students themselves decided to address the needs of their peers and designed a kebab vending machine which was put at the Faculty of Automotive and Construction Machine Engineering (SiMR), WUT.


Authors of this idea (from left): Przemysław Zorychta, Tomasz Sowa i Szymon Skrzypiec

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#WUTpeople Seeing a smile on children’s faces we know we do meaningful work

A volunteer of the Harambee Poland Foundation and a student of the Warsaw University of Technology, Stefan Pytel, and his family have been helping people in Africa for over two years. In 2017, he spent little less than a month in Kenya, renovating buildings among other things.


Europeans are an attraction for most of the Kenyans, especially for children, for whom it is often the first time they see a white man, photo: Stefan Pytel’s private album

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#WUTpeople Being a Sherlock – the amazing skills of a WUT student

Those who liked the popular TV series “Sherlock” know well the scenes where the protagonist, an ingenious detective, retreats into his mind palace and solves the most complex of mysteries within seconds. What if equally brilliant minds were wandering the corridors of WUT?


Daniel Chudecki’s dream is to combine his two passions: robotics and solving a Rubik’s Cube. To do this, he wants to create a robot which, having learnt how the Cube works, will instantly solve it.

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Harry Potter would study at the Warsaw University of Technology

The whistle of a bludger flying just an inch away from your ear, a chase after the opponent several dozen meters above the ground and, finally, there it is on the horizon – small, glistening and extremely valuable – the golden snitch. You make a dash for it, outstripping the seeker from the opposing team. You catch the small ball, ending the game. Your team has just scored 150 points and won an important game. This is what it looked like in the magical world of Harry Potter. And what does it look like among the muggles? I had the opportunity to find out myself last weekend, during an open training session of one of Polish quidditch teams – Warsaw Mermaids, whose members include four students of the Warsaw University of Technology.

Warsaw Mermaids_03

Quidditch is a co-ed sport – a team of 7 may have a maximum of 4 players of one gender, photo: Facebook Warsaw Mermaids – Quidditch Team

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In Life, Like in Travel, We Need Very Little

phot. FB/Cebulane.podroze

“What would seem a flaw of hitchhiking, is an advantage to us”, says Kamil, teasing. “When you stand by the road and there’s rain, or if you wash your clothes in a river, and yourself in a sink at a gas station, you think to yourself – I should have stayed at home. But then there’s satisfaction. I have my entire home in my backpack, I’m self-reliant and I don’t need a computer or TV”.

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