#WUTpeople The Vice-World Champion on his way to the Olympic Games

How much can you achieve in seven years? Szymon Pośnik has completed an engineering course at the Faculty of Mechatronics of the Warsaw University of Technology and is about to earn his Master’s degree. He is also finishing a course in management at the Kozminski University. And as if that wasn’t enough, he has won a whole bag of medals in rowing. Together with his quadruple sculls teammates, he was third in the 2018 European Championships, second in the 2019 World Championships and the best overall in 2019 World Cup. He tells us about the daily life of a rower, the long and winding road to success, and even about cross-country skiing.


Szymon Pośnik has trained since 2008.

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Is there any magic in magic tricks?

It would seem that magic and science are complete opposites. But card tricks show us they have, in fact, much in common. We discussed this topic with Mateusz Wójcik, a student at the WUT Faculty of Mathematics and Information Science (MiNI), member of the Mathematics Student Research Group, one half of the “card magicians” duo who gave a performance at this year’s Mathematics Popularization Day at MiNI. 

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WUT students behind the “phone lane” for pedestrians!

New signs appeared several weeks ago on the sidewalk of Nowowiejska Street, near the Main Building of the Warsaw University of Technology. They depict a man slouching over a mobile phone. The special pedestrian traffic lane for people fiddling with their smartphones on the go was received with a lot of interest. As it turns out, the idea came from four students of the Faculty of Architecture of the Warsaw University of Technology: Joanna Majsak, Marcelina Orchowska, Marianna Babral and Julia Szafrańska.
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EYEC organizers’ notes

No piece of wisdom goes to waste at the Chemical and Process Engineering Student Research Group (KN IChiP). The accumulated knowledge and experience pass from generation to generation of members. Perhaps, this is the key to the growing popularity of their annual multidisciplinary European Young Engineers Conference. We sat to talk about this event with Olga (Coordinator of the 8th EYEC), Justyna (Social Media Coordinator and Board Member of KN IChiP) and Hania (Logistics Coordinator).

Olga, Justyna i Hania, Chemical and Process Engineering Student Research Group and EYEC organizers.

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He has a wealth of stories about his family, whose fortunes have often intertwined with the troubled history of Poland. His track record as a scholar spans 44 years. He has played the harmonica in Thailand, the USA and Switzerland. Who is this mystery man and what does he have to do with WUT’s social media?

Antoni Szafranek, Ph.D., D.Sc. plays the surveyors’ anthem at the ball celebrating the 95th Anniversary of the Warsaw University of Technology Faculty of Geodesy and Cartography; photo: a still from a video on geoforumPL YT channel

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Hyper Poland, or behind the scenes of the mobility revolution

What do the Alumni of the Warsaw University of Technology do for a post-uni career? How do they fare on the labor market and what university experiences do they draw on, moving forward? Read the stories of people working for Hyper Poland, a company with its roots at the WUT Faculty of Power and Aeronautical Engineering, which has grown into the most technologically advanced Hyperloop technology company in today’s Europe, working hard on the implementation of this hi-tech mode of transport in Poland.


The team is working on the Polish version of hyperloop, photo: Hyper Poland

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